Forgettable - 4/10 (26 October 2010)
Stylish but cliched and pretentious - 6/10 (16 October 2004)
Jeff Lau (Director) Corey Yuen (Director, Action Director) Yuen Tak (Action Director) Nancy Sit Sandra Ng Jan Lam Spencer Lam Donnie Yen
Truly hilarious and mind-bending - 10/10 (07 January 2006)
Guillermo del Toro (Director) Donnie Yen (Action Director) Wesley Snipes (Action Director, Producer) Kris Kristofferson Ron Perlman
Teddy Chen (Director) Tung Wai (Action Director) Lee Tat-Chiu (Action Director) Donnie Yen Wang Xue-Qi Tony Leung Ka-Fai Nicholas Tse
Disappointing - 5/10 (26 October 2010)
Michael Mak (Director) Chu Yen-Ping (Director, Producer) Ching Siu-Tung (Action Director) Ma Yuk-Sing (Action Director) Michelle Yeoh
Wu Ma (Director) Yuen Miu (Action Director) Yuen Biao Donnie Yen Irene Wan Ken Lo
rough around the edges (07 March 2003)

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