Sammo Hung (Director, Action Director) Yuen Biao (Action Director) Yuen Wah (Action Director) Lam Ching-Ying (Action Director) Kenny Bee
Japanese/Hong Kong co-production.
Great little movie - 9/10 (08 January 2006)
Corey Yuen (Director, Action Director) Mang Hoi (Action Director) Conan Lee Hiroyuki Sanada Hiroshi Tanaka Hwang Jang-Lee Tai Bo
A lot of fun - 7/10 (11 May 2002)
Enjoyably goofy (08 January 2006)
Sammo Hung (Director, Action Director) Brandy Yuen (Action Director) Mang Hoi (Action Director) Nina Li Suen Yuet Max Mok Fennie Yuen
Corey Yuen (Director, Action Director) Hsu Hsia (Action Director) Yuen Biao (Action Director) Mang Hoi (Action Director) Tai Bo Chung Faat
Genre classic - 9/10 (18 July 2001)
Also known as In The Line of Duty
One of the best action movies ever made - 10/10 (25 April 2002)
Teddy Robin (Director, Soundtrack) Corey Yuen (Action Director, Producer) Yuen Tak (Action Director) Dion Lam (Action Director) Yuen Biao
lacks that 'certain something' - 6/10 (18 May 2007)
Corey Yuen (Director, Action Director) Yuen Tak (Action Director) Mang Hoi (Action Director) Golden Harvest (Production Company) Yuen Wah
Uneven and ill thought out (19 December 2001)