Jackie Chan (Director, Action Director, Writer) Benny Lai (Action Director) Fung Hak-On (Action Director) Mars (Action Director) Bill Tung
near-perfect action film - 10/10 (15 January 2006)
Jackie Chan (Director, Action Director, Action Director, Writer) Rocky Lai (Action Director) Benny Lai (Action Director) Maggie Cheung
Ronny Yu (Director, Writer) Chung Faat (Action Director) Mars (Action Director) Ricky Hui Kent Cheng Tanny Tien Ni
Weird (25 February 2003)
Sammo Hung (Director) Mars (Action Director) Chin Kar-Lok (Action Director) Benny Lai (Action Director) Jackie Chan Yuen Biao Lola Forner
Classic of the era - 9/10 (12 April 2006)

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