King Hu (Director, Writer, Editor) Han Ying-Chieh (Action Director) Poon Yiu-Kwan (Action Director) Hsu Feng Shih Jun Pai Ying Tien Peng
Greatest martial arts film of all time? - 10/10 (25 April 2006)
Jimmy Wang Yu (Director, Writer) Kwan Hung (Action Director) Golden Harvest (Production Company) Lung Fei Tien Yeh Shieh Han Shan Mao
Enthusiasts only - 3/10 (22 July 2005)
Rather splendid melodrama - 8/10 (12 April 2007)
Jimmy Wang Yu (Director, Writer) Lau Kar-Wing (Action Director) Lau Kar-Leung (Action Director) Kam Kong Doris Lung Lung Fei Shieh Han
aka One-Armed Boxer vs. Flying Guillotine
Good 60's swordplay - 7/10 (08 June 2007)