Edmond Pang Ho-Cheung (Director, Writer) Chin Ka-Lok (Action Director) Wong Wai-Fai (Action Director) Josie Ho (Producer) Eason Chan Jo Kuk
Andrew Lau (Director, Cinematographer) Alan Mak (Director, Writer) Wong Wai-Fai (Action Director) Tony Leung Chiu-Wai Andy Lau Leon Lai
Masterpiece - 10/10 (27 May 2001)
Teddy Chen (Director) Donnie Yen (Action Director) Yuen Bun (Action Director) Yan Hua (1) (Action Director) Tung Wai (Action Director) Xing Yu
Martial arts are for killing - 7/10 (11 March 2015)
Chin Kar-Lok (Director) Chin Ka-Lok (Action Director) Yuen Biao (Action Director) Yee Tin-Hung (Action Director) Takashi Okamura Ngai Sing
Japanese/Hong Kong co-production
Wacky and high energy action film - 7/10 (30 March 2003)
Clever and unusual - 7/10 (07 March 2003)