A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) (2001)

2/10 - Hopeless
Reviewed by Simon on 13 October 2002

You'd think that a collaboration between two of the finest film makers in Hollywood history (Steven Spielberg and Stanley Kubrick) ought to yield something really special, even if one of the collaborators was dead at the time. Unfortunately, AI is there to prove you wrong.

Hopelessly naive armchair philosophy about what it means to be "real" is made even less palatable by the irritating performances of Haley Joel thingy and the actress who played his mother. The script is average at best, but the special effects are very good.

There was potential for a great movie here, but it's attempt at profundity is so watered down & clueless that it derails the whole project.

Will probably appeal to people with low IQs, however... especially with its large doses of Hollywood schmalz.


Haley Joel Osment
Frances O'Connor
Jude Law
William Hurt


Steven Spielberg
Brian Aldiss
Stanley Kubrick