The Legend Of Wisely (1987)

Big budget Indiana Jones clone
Reviewed by Simon on 16 October 2001

THE LEGEND OF WISELY is a big budget Indiana Jonese clone, shot on location in Tibet - which makes for some really, really beautiful scenery. Thanks to the budget the production design is great, and Peter Pau's cinematography is of his usual high standard. There are some cool special effects, for the time :-p

The film is marred at times by some truly awful fight scenes (slow and awkward), but some of the fights are good (Ti Lung's) and impressive care chases and the like.

A generally entertaining film.


Sam Hui
Ti Lung
Joey Wang
Oh Yau-Lun
Teddy Robin
Blacky Ko


Teddy Robin
Action Director
Blacky Ko
Peter Pau
Cinema City
Assistant Director
Teddy Chen

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