The Brave Archer (1977)

8/10 - A most enjoyable experience
Reviewed by Simon on 27 November 2004

Chang Cheh adapts Jin Yong, making for a very different film than his usual stripped down, macho affairs - it's more reminiscent of a Chor Yuen Gu Long adapation, especially in the proliferation of characters and twisty turny plot. I wouldn't like to begin to describe the overall story - it probably wouldn't make much sense anyway, but the film is so dense with happenings that it's best to just concentrate on what's happening at any given time - in which case it makes for a most enjoyable experience :)

The Celestial DVD is hurt by another dreadful surround remix, but not killed completely.


Fu Sheng
Tien Niu
Kuo Chui
Ku Feng
Wang Lung-Wei
Danny Lee Sau-Yin
Li Yi-Min
Dick Wei
Chan Shen
Jamie Luk
Lu Feng
Ti Lung


Chang Cheh
Action Director
Lee Ka-Ting
Robert Tai
Production Company
Shaw Brothers
Ni Kuang