Beyond Hypothermia (1996)

Early milkway, not quite reaching the heights of their later work
Reviewed by Simon on 27 May 2001

I think this was the first Milkyway Image film? It certainly has a touch of the Milkyway feel, though not as developed as it became under To's direction. The plot is quite pleasant - Wu Chien-Lien is good the hitwoman trained to have no feelings and no identity by her aunt, and Lau Ching-Wan is good as the sweet and innocent noodle seller. Good film, but the ending is a little bit silly.

It's interesting to see John Woo's ex-assistant director strike out on his own. Wonder how much of Woo's classics can be attributed to him? He certainly seems to be a talented director, as evidenced by Task Force.

Actually, internet rumour has it that Johnnie To wasn't happy with the way things were going and ended up directing much of the movie himself


Lau Ching-Wan
Wu Chien-Lien
Han Jae-Suk
Shirley Wong


Patrick Leung
Action Director
Yuen Tak
Yuen Bun
Production Company
Milkyway Image
Johnnie To
Arthur Wong
Cheng Siu-Keung

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