King Cat (1967)

8/10 - Impressive
Reviewed by Simon on 09 June 2005

A lavish production with colourful characters, costumes and sets and a fanciful story and action. In 1967 this was undoubtedly a major event film, but viewed today it perhaps lacks that touch of class or star quality that would make it essential viewing for everyone - but it's still well worth watching for wu xia fans. I sometimes wish that Celestial had released their genre films in more chronological order, as I would undoubtedly have enjoyed this more if I hadn't seen so many later wu xia pian already, and conversely probably rated some of Chor Yuen's films lower if I'd seen this one first.


Chang Yi
Kiu Chong
Helen Ma
Cheng Miu
Lo Lieh
Fang Mian
Yeung Chi-Hing


Hsu Tseng-Hung
Production Company
Shaw Brothers
Ting Shan-Hsi
Chiang Hsing-Lung
Eddie H. Wang