Pursuit of Vengeance (1977)

7/10 - Pretty good stuff!
Reviewed by Simon on 18 August 2007

I guess Frankie Chan was so pleased with his music for this film that he decided to remake it 15 years later as A WARRIOR'S TRAGEDY (aka THE INVINCIBLE POWER OF KINDNESS), and Ti Lung liked his character enough to play him again in the remake.

The plot is typical Chor Yuen wu xia, a highly convoluted tale of treachery in the martial world, with numerous twists and turns before we find out who everybody is and what their real agenda might be.

Ti Lung, Liu Yung and Lo Lieh all have good characters that suit them well, with Lo Lieh shining especially - like the moon, one might say after seeing this film! Everybody else is paper thin.

Production values are suitably high, with the usual lush visuals. The action is mostly forgettable, but competent.

Pretty good stuff!


Ti Lung
Lo Lieh
Liu Yung
Derek Yee
Shih Szu
Frankie Wei-Hung


Chor Yuen
Action Director
Tang Chia
Huang Pei-Chi
Production Company
Shaw Brothers
Chor Yuen
Chiang Hsing-Lung
Frankie Chan

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