Bamboo House Of Dolls (1973)

6/10 - covers all the bases
Reviewed by Simon on 13 February 2005
Kuei Chi-Hung covers all the bases in this Women In Prison exploitation film (set in a concentration camp rather than a criminal prison). Shades of Great Escape, but with lots and lots of naked flesh. WIP films are always a popular choice for exploitation films, probably because they're a good excuse for the film-makers to place women in degrading and debasing situations... you wouldn't see Steve McQueen getting raped or tortured by a gay prison guard, but in a female prison film it seems to be mandatory. This particular WIP film is actually pretty well made, with a decent story and some good performances - perhaps most interesting for the fact that 3 of the main characters are white women, and other than a brief mention of their ability to speak Mandarin they are treated no differently to the Asian cast. This was pretty uncommon at the time... hell, it still is.


Lo Lieh
Birte Tove
Wang Hsieh
Lee Hye-sook
Chan Shen
Fan Mei-Sheng


Kuei Chih-Hung
Production Company
Shaw Brothers