Duel Of The Century (1981)

6/10 - A decent enough Chor Yuen/Ku Long film
Reviewed by Simon on 16 January 2006

Based on the same source as Clan Of Amazons, with many of the same characters (played by different actors). The plot is typical Ku Long - waaaay too many characters and more twists and intrigues than Agatha Christie's entire output, but somehow I managed to follow everything that was happening and enjoyed the film a lot.

The rooftop duel referred to in the title is also referenced in Stephen Chiau's Forbidden City Cop and Andrew Lau's The Duel (2000) - which I might have to watch again to see if it's actually a remake of DUEL OF THE CENTURY (edit - it is).

Recommended for fans of the CY/KL collaborations. The film has more comedy than other films from the duo.


Liu Yung
Yueh Hua
Jason Pai Piao
Ching Li
Tang Ching
Sun Chien
Yeung Chi-Hing


Chor Yuen
Action Director
Huang Pei-Chi
Yuen Wah
Yuen Bun
Production Company
Shaw Brothers
Chor Yuen

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