The Himalayan (1976)

6/10 - A decent slice of old-school action
Reviewed by Simon on 05 December 2008
A decent slice of old-school action from Huang Feng, allegedly showcasing the forgotten martial arts of the Mi School, though it's not at all clear how that claim is justified. Some pretty scenery that may or may not be anywhere near the Himalayas, and some great action - especially Tan Tao-Liang's incredible footwork, as usual.


Angela Mao
Chen Sing
Tan Tao-Liang
Han Ying-Chieh
Sammo Hung
Tony Liu
Lee Ka-Ting
Corey Yuen
Jackie Chan
Yuen Wah
Yuen Biao
Wilson Tong
Chung Faat


Huang Feng
Action Director
Han Ying-Chieh
Sammo Hung
Production Company
Golden Harvest
Ni Kuang