One-Armed Swordsman (1967)

10/10 - A genuine classic
Reviewed by Simon on 23 August 2004

One of the most influential martial arts films of all time, with an epic plot and innovative direction from Chang Cheh that changed the way martial arts films were made. I waited and saw this one in a theatre at a festival screening, but actually wish I saw it on DVD - i.e. without an audience that spent much of the first half laughing at some of the bad acting (of which there is a fair bit) and elements of the plot and dialogue, before eventually realising it was actually a good film and taking it more seriously. I don't understand why the face of the main villain was kept hidden until near the end - it didn't seem to be particularly meaningful when it was revealed (though I'd long since identified the actor by his voice). Anyway, definitely one of the must-see Shaws titles.

Worth noting that Tsui Hark's remake 'THE BLADE' is equally classic.


Jimmy Wang Yu
Lisa Chiao Chiao
Tien Feng
Yeung Chi-Hing
Fan Mei-Sheng
Chang Pei-Shan
Ku Feng
Chen Yan-Yan
Huang Chung-Hsing


Chang Cheh
Action Director
Tang Chia
Lau Kar-Leung
Production Company
Shaw Brothers
Ni Kuang

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