Bodyguards And Assassins (2009)

5/10 - Disappointing
Reviewed by Simon on 26 October 2010

A big budget, "event" movie with an all star cast and lots of publicity (it even made it to my local cinema in Thailand, sadly dubbed into Thai so I didn't bother) that somehow fails to be particularly enjoyable to watch.

The ingredients are there, the opportunity was there... so I have to put the blame on director Teddy Chen (or possibly the host of script writers) for failing to bring the film's potential out. Especially annoying is the lousy camera work and editing in the action scenes (think Michael Bay).

It's not exactly bad, but it could and should have been much better.


Donnie Yen
Wang Xue-Qi
Tony Leung Ka-Fai
Nicholas Tse
Hu Jun
Eric Tsang
Li Yu-Chun
Fan Bing-Bing
Leon Lai
Jacky Cheung
Michelle Reis
Simon Yam


Teddy Chen
Action Director
Tung Wai
Lee Tat-Chiu
Peter Chan Ho-Sun
Arthur Wong
Peter Ngor
Comfort Chan
Peter Kam