House Of Traps (1982)

6/10 - Reasonably entertaining
Reviewed by Simon on 25 September 2009
Fairly typical Chang Cheh Venoms film, shot on indoor sets and featuring a plot of intrigues and hidden identities, and a bunch of fight scenes showcasing his then-favourite stars. The traps in the eponymous house are a bit rubbish, unfortunately. Reasonably entertaining film anyway.


Chin Siu-Ho
Lung Tien-Hsiang
Ngaai Fei
Sun Chien
Kuo Chui
Chiang Sheng
Cheng Tien-Chi
Lu Feng


Chang Cheh
Action Director
Kuo Chui
Lu Feng
Chiang Sheng
Chu Ko
Production Company
Shaw Brothers
Assistant Director
Chiang Sheng