The Crimson Charm (1971)

6/10 - Non-essential
Reviewed by Simon on 20 July 2005

"A noble swordsman and a one-armed swordswoman go up against the vicious Crimson Charm gang of thieves and cutthroats. A classic tale of good versus evil in which the best man - or one-armed swordswoman - wins" -- Celestial Pictures

Decent story, characters etc and well enough filmed, but action scenes aren't particularly thrilling (despite some interesting weapons) and nothing that lifts the film into essential viewing territory. Worth a watch if you've seen the essentials though.


Chang Yi
Ivy Ling Po
Shih Szu
Fang Mian
James Nam Gung-Fan
Ku Feng
Wang Hsieh
James Tien


Huang Feng
Action Director
Han Kuo
Production Company
Shaw Brothers
Huang Feng