Movie name rating summary Date Reviewer
Hit Team 5 Disappointing 27 May 2001 Simon
Dragon Inn 1992 10 One of the early 90's best films 27 May 2001 Simon
Drunken Tai Chi 7 Semi-old school, quite enjoyable 27 May 2001 Simon
Kid From Tibet 6 Had me worried at first 27 May 2001 Simon
Beyond Hypothermia Early milkway, not quite reaching the heights of their later work 27 May 2001 Simon
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 9 Very well rounded 27 May 2001 Simon
JSA (Joint Security Area) Beautifully filmed, written and acted 25 May 2001 Simon
Handsome Siblings 6 One of the lesser new wave wu xia films 16 October 2000 Simon
Butterfly And Sword 7 Some of the best early 90's wire-fu choreography 16 October 2000 Simon
Burning Of The Imperial Palace Dramatic telling of the end of Chinese imperial rule 16 October 2000 Simon
Who Am I? 2 Feels like a bad Hollywood B-movie 16 October 2000 Simon
Kaho Naa... Pyaar Hai 8 Beatifully filmed 16 October 2000 Simon
Soul Guardians Enyoyable supernatural thriller 15 October 2000 Simon
Body Weapon 5 Not a great film, but has some charms 30 June 2000 Simon
Kuroneko 10 Masterpiece of ghostly style and atmosphere 22 May 1999 Simon

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