Movie name rating summary Date Reviewer
The Bride With White Hair 10 One of the most beautiful and tragic wu xia films 03 January 2013 Simon
The Bride With White Hair 2 5 Another sequel that doesn't seem to understand why we loved the original 03 January 2013 Simon
Wild Search 8 Richly characterised tale of redemption and recovery 31 December 2012 Simon
The Avenging Eagle 8 One of the better Shaw Brothers martial arts films 29 December 2012 Simon
Like A Dragon 8 Miike finds another fresh way to take on the Yakuza genre 05 December 2012 Simon
King Eagle 7 Good Sister, Bad Sister 05 December 2012 Simon
Live Flesh 9 Rich, sophisticated and mature 03 December 2012 Simon
Stalker 7 Visually striking religious allegory 30 November 2012 Simon
Melancholia 9 A strangely beautiful film about being depressed 29 November 2012 Simon
We're Going To Eat You 7 Darkly amusing kung fu horror 27 November 2012 Simon
All The Wrong Clues 7 Wildly silly comedy capers 27 November 2012 Simon
Last Hurrah For Chivalry 9 I never enjoy drinking with a dead man 26 November 2012 Simon
Villain 4 A film of two halves... neither very good 25 November 2012 Simon
Iron Monkey 10 Great entry into the Wong Fei-Hung canon 24 November 2012 Simon
Last Hero In China 8 An irreverent addition to the Wong Fei Hung canon 24 November 2012 Simon
The Invincible Sword 5 Fairly cookie cutter tale of heroic swordsmen 23 November 2012 Simon
Kotoko 6 A journey into a very troubled mind 22 November 2012 Simon
Moon Warriors 6 Not nearly as good as I remembered it being 22 November 2012 Simon
Maidens Of Heavenly Mountain 7 Beautiful nonsense 20 November 2012 Simon
Yatterman 6 Too adult for kids, too childish for adults? 19 November 2012 Simon

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