External Site Links

These are some other sites that The 14 Amazons likes and uses, some of which we link to from our movie pages.

The most comprehensive and accurate database of Hong Kong movies
Unparalleled collection of mostly short form reviews of Hong Kong and Taiwanese obscurities
Extensive reviews of Hong Kong and pan-Asian cinema
Social media for film fans, follow me there - https://letterboxd.com/clansofintrigue/
Extensive database of Korean and Japanese films and TV shows
The most complete and wittiest source of reviews for contemporary Hong Kong cinema, no longer updated
Detailed reviews of pan-Asian films and home video releases
Responsible for so much of the internet writing Asian names in the wrong order
Film reviews and podcasts
Kung Fu Movie Guide, reviews of classic and new martial arts films
Film reviews and articles, with a special focus on Japanese cinema
Asian film reviews and interviews
Genre film reviews
Extensive reviews of Japanese films and others
Reviews and features on Korean cinema
UK-based producer and distributor of primarily Japanese films
UK-based publisher of quality collector's editions of Hong Kong classics
Movie reviews, news and interviews