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Rao Xiaozhi (Director, Writer) Andy Lau Xiao Yang Wan Qian Cheng Yi Huang Xiaolei Ti Chih-Chieh Guo Jingfei Lei Jiayin Lau Ho-Leung Fan Xiang (Writer) Liao Ni (Cinematographer) Cao Yong (Cinematographer) Deng Ouge (Soundtrack)
Promising start but fails to deliver (Friday, April 12, 2024)
Wu Ma (Director, Actor, Writer) Golden Harvest (Production Company) Paragon Films Ltd. (Production Company) Yuen Biao Joey Wang Elizabeth Lee Yuen Wah Lawrence Ng Lau Moon-Tong (Cinematographer) Raymond Lam (Cinematographer) James Wong Jim (Soundtrack) Romeo Diaz (Soundtrack)
A decent knock-off of A Chinese Ghost Story (Thursday, April 11, 2024)
Well it's different... (Monday, April 8, 2024)
Ferocious fight scenes (Sunday, April 7, 2024)
Not bad (Friday, January 31, 2003)
An important film for me (Thursday, April 4, 2024)
Chor Yuen adapts Gu Long once again (Monday, April 1, 2024)
Surprisingly strong kung fu film (Sunday, March 31, 2024)
Chris Lee (Director, Actor) Poon Cheung (Action Director, Actor) Rocky Lai (Action Director, Actor) Lee Kin-Hing (Action Director) Nicky Li Chung-Chi (Action Director, Actor) Cynthia Khan Simon Yam Kenneth Tsang Shum Wai (Actor, Writer) Cha Chuen-Yee Chai Hon Newton Lai Billy Chow Gam Biu James Ha Eddie Maher Frank Kong (Writer) Lau Hung-Chuen (Cinematographer)
Pretty basic Girls With Guns (Monday, March 25, 2024)