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An insight into Lars Von Trier's mind (Saturday, November 25, 2023)
Fascinating and frustrating (Wednesday, November 22, 2023)
Not awful, but no great reason to watch it (Wednesday, November 22, 2023)
Yu Mang-Sang (Director) Kuo Chui (Action Director, Actor) Dang Tak-Wing (Action Director) Michelle Reis Cynthia Khan Lau Sek-Ming Waise Lee Chi-Hung Lau Shun Kara Hui Lau Siu-Ming Lee Man-Choi (Writer) Leung Kim-Ho (Writer) Cheng Siu-Keung (Cinematographer)
Solid but not essential Swordsman-like (Thursday, November 16, 2023)
Billy Tang (Director) Dick Wei (Action Director, Actor) Jet Li Nina Li Stephen Chiau Henry Fong Ping Go Wang Victor Chew James Yuen (Writer) Abdul M. Rumjahn (Cinematographer)
Interesting pairing of two future superstars (Sunday, November 12, 2023)
Stupid film with amazing action (Sunday, November 5, 2023)
Robert Clouse (Director) Bruce Lee (Director, Action Director, Actor) Sammo Hung (Action Director, Actor) Golden Harvest (Production Company) Gig Young Dean Jagger Colleen Camp Hugh O'Brian Roy Chiao Robert Wall Dan Inosanto Kareem Abdul Jabbar John Barry (Soundtrack)
Worse than I remembered (Saturday, November 4, 2023)
Not one (or two) of Miike's best (Friday, November 3, 2023)

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Just a fun action film (Friday, December 2, 2005)