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Chang Cheh (Director, Writer) Tang Chia (Action Director, Actor) Lau Kar-Leung (Action Director, Actor) Shaw Brothers (Production Company) Margaret Tu Chuan Chin Ping Fanny Fan Lai Jimmy Wang Yu Lo Lieh Cheng Lui Lei Ming Violet Pan Ying-Zi Cliff Lok Tien Feng Ku Feng Chen Hung-Lieh Wang Yung-Lung (Cinematographer) Wang Fu-Ling (Soundtrack)
Deserves more appreciation (Monday, November 29, 2021)
Reviewed by Simon (Saturday, November 27, 2021)
Epic and deranged (Sunday, November 21, 2021)
Beautifully filmed (Sunday, November 14, 2021)
Probably the weakest Alex De-la Iglesia film (Saturday, November 13, 2021)
John Woo (Director, Actor, Writer) Sammo Hung (Action Director, Actor) Golden Harvest (Production Company) Paragon Films Ltd. (Production Company) Tan Tao-Liang James Tien Jackie Chan Wilson Tong Yuen Biao Yuen Wah Joseph Koo Ka-Fai (Soundtrack)
Largely forgettable Shaolin story (Saturday, November 13, 2021)
Quite a surreal but stylish debut (Friday, November 12, 2021)
Reviewed by Simon (Thursday, November 11, 2021)
Rather unexciting (Monday, November 8, 2021)
Not quite as impressive as I remembered (Sunday, November 7, 2021)
Superlative (Sunday, April 13, 2003)