Movie Name Rating Summary Date Reviewer
Aces Go Places V 6 Aces have mostly gone to other places by this point 2021-04-10 Simon
Miss Zombie 9 The PARASITE of zombie films 2021-04-10 Simon
Aces Go Places IV 7 More even-keeled than its predecessors 2021-04-05 Simon
Ju Dou 8 When I buy an animal I treat it as I wish 2021-04-03 Simon
Dai Kaiju Mono 7 Don't you want to be a big strong man? 2021-04-03 Simon
A Bride For Rip Van Winkle 7 Maybe marriage isn't for some people 2021-04-02 Simon
Vampire Clay 5 What if some clay was a vampire? 2021-04-02 Simon
Intimate Confessions of a Chinese Courtesan 9 One of the highlights of the Shaw Brothers catalogue 2021-04-01 Simon
Aces Go Places III 5 Lacks the chemistry of its predecessor 2021-04-01 Simon
Aces Go Places II 8 Improves on the original in just about every way 2021-03-30 Simon
Usagi Drop 8 Adventures in unexpected parenthood 2021-03-28 Simon
Aces Go Places 5 Influential action comedy but terribly dated 2021-03-28 Simon
The Shadow Boxing 9 Corpses don't pee 2021-03-27 Simon
A Man Called Tiger 5 A fairly typical film of the era 2021-03-25 Simon
Drive 10 Shut up and drive 2021-03-22 Simon
High & Low The Movie 3: Final Mission 2 A new low bar for the franchise 2021-03-21 Simon
Hold Up Down 6 People who have little to forgive have little to love 2021-03-21 Simon
Skylin3s 6 Easy to watch but pretty dumb 2021-03-20 Simon
Deliver Us From Evil 6 Not much to recommend it but has some decent action 2021-03-20 Simon
Hazard 4 Sleepy but restless 2021-03-18 Simon
Unlucky Monkey 7 Crime and punishment 2021-03-15 Simon
BuyBust 7 Shonky first half but gets better as it goes on 2021-03-14 Simon
The Lady Is the Boss 6 Great fights but cringingly dated fashions 2021-03-13 Simon
Wira 9 Man I hope I never have to fight Yayan Ruhian 2021-03-13 Simon
Dangan Runner 8 Absurdity becomes transcendence 2021-03-11 Simon
Enter The Fat Dragon 9 Sammo does Bruce justice 2021-03-11 Simon
Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown 8 Virgins are awful... THE END 2021-03-10 Simon
Taoist Priest 7 It's the 21st century mainland friendly Mr. Vampire 2021-03-08 Simon
Bloody Parrot 9 Very entertaining! 2021-03-08 Simon
Operation Condor 6 Undoubtedly expensive but lacking something 2021-03-07 Simon

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