Superlative - everyone should see this
Great, a must-see if you like the genre
Good, a decent example of the genre
Watchable, but only for serious genre fans
Half stars could have gone either way depending on mood.
Movie Name / Release Year Rating Summary Date Reviewer
Hail The Judge (1994) A few good scenes but suffers in translation 2021-09-21 Simon
Doomsday (2008) Very uneven but has some fun moments 2021-09-19 Simon
Millionaires' Express (1986) Sammo really went all-out on this one 2021-09-19 Simon
Punk Samurai Slash Down (2018) The most bonkers film I've seen in a while 2021-09-18 Simon
Crimen Ferpecto (2004) Lightweight and accessible De-la Iglesia 2021-09-18 Simon
Expect The Unexpected (1998) Expect a challenging and thoughtful film 2021-09-12 Simon
Operation Mekong (2016) Empty spectacle 2021-09-11 Simon
Erotic Ghost Story (1990) Barely delivers what the title promises 2021-09-02 Simon
Whatever You Want (1994) A charming and entertaining rom-com 2021-09-01 Simon
Rape Zombie: Lust of the Dead 4 & 5 (2014) I do not like where this series ended 2021-08-30 Simon
Bloody Chainsaw Girl (2016) Another high school splatter comedy 2021-08-29 Simon
Rape Zombie: Lust of the Dead 2 & 3 (2013) Harder to defend than the first film 2021-08-28 Simon
Rape Zombie: Lust of the Dead (2012) A better film than it probably needed to be 2021-08-28 Simon
Blues Harp (1998) A subtle and complex work 2021-08-24 Simon
Bushido Man (2013) Awesome fights and surprisingly funny 2021-08-23 Simon
Lady With A Sword (1971) Stands out from the crowd 2021-08-23 Simon
Yokai Girl Kirin (2020) Low budget and offers little to compensate 2021-08-22 Simon
Happiness (2016) Happiness is just sadness you haven't reached yet 2021-08-22 Simon
Legend Of The Eight Samurai (1983) Splendidly cheesy swords & sorcery epic 2021-08-20 Simon
The Descent (2005) Horror done right 2021-08-18 Simon
Dog Soldiers (2002) The dog soldier's bollocks 2021-08-16 Simon
My Big Night (2015) Beautifully orchestrated chaos 2021-08-15 Simon
The Master of Kung Fu (1973) Solid but unremarkable Wong Fei-Hung story 2021-08-15 Simon
Samui Song (2017) Tries too hard to confound the audience 2021-08-15 Simon
Get the Hell Out (2020) Super-fun action comedy with zombies 2021-08-14 Simon
Ley Lines (1999) One of Miike's least plot-driven film 2021-08-12 Simon
Knockabout (1979) Introducing Yuen Biao 2021-08-11 Simon
Hana-Bi (1997) Close to cinematic perfection 2021-08-10 Simon
Master (2021) Some good parts but 3 hours is too long 2021-08-09 Simon
All About Lily Chou-Chou (2001) Beautiful and harrowing 2021-08-08 Simon

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