Movie Name Rating Summary Date Reviewer
Shanghai Blues 8 Zany comedy with a human heart 2020-07-13 Simon
The Kung Fu Master 6 A credible kung fu movie 2020-07-11 Simon
Violent Cop 10 A landmark in Japanese cinema 2020-07-11 Simon
Arahan 9 Urban martial arts action 2020-07-04 Simon
The Gambling Ghost 8 Three times the Sammo fun! 2020-07-02 Simon
Eastern Condors 7 Sammo Hung goes to war 2020-06-29 Simon
The Virgin Psychics 9 It's outrageous 2020-06-25 Simon
Shadow 9 Strikingly beautiful and poetic 2020-06-23 Simon
Love in a Puff 8 A very ordinary love story 2020-06-22 Simon
God Of Gamblers III : Back To Shanghai 7 Almost no gambling, but lots of silly comedy 2020-06-21 Simon
My Sassy Girl 10 The most romantic movie of all time? 2020-06-19 Simon
Extraction 9 An action masterclass 2020-06-17 Simon
Master Z: Ip Man Legacy 7 Some creative fight choreography 2020-06-16 Simon
The Foul King 8 review... 2020-06-14 Simon
Killer's Nocturne 6 Chin Siu-Ho fights a kangaroo 2020-06-14 Simon
3-Iron 8 How to disappear completely 2020-06-13 Simon
Killers 8 A Tale Of Two Killers 2020-06-12 Simon
Challenge Of The Masters 8 Young Wong Fei-Hung 2020-06-01 Simon
Once Upon A Time In China III 5 The series falters in its 3rd outing 2020-05-31 Simon
Tokyo Fist 9 Peak Shinya Tsukamoto 2020-05-23 Simon
Accident 6 Interesting premise that fails to convince 2020-05-22 Simon
Meatball Machine: Kodoku 10 One of the great works of cinema 2020-05-10 Simon
Meatball Machine 8 Budget constrained but imaginative 2020-05-10 Simon
Raivu 3 Something went horribly wrong here 2020-05-10 Simon
S Storm 4 review... 2020-04-22 Simon
Once Upon A Time In China II 9 One of the finest sequels ever made? 2020-03-27 Simon
Z Storm 5 Wherever there is corruption... there is the ICAC 2020-03-05 Simon
The Bullet Vanishes 8 Sherlock Holmes in Tiancheng? 2020-02-23 Simon
Aberdeen 10 Quietly, gently, beautifully devastating 2020-02-22 Simon
Long Road To Gallantry 6 Fun but slight wu xia from Shaw Brothers' autumn years 2019-11-17 Simon

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