Superlative - worth seeing whatever your tastes
Good, a must-see if you like the genre
Decent example of the genre but not essential
Watchable, but only for serious genre fans
Half stars could have gone either way depending on mood.
Movie Name Rating Summary Date Reviewer
Bat Without Wings Sadly the KISS makeup is really the best thing about it 2021-06-13 Simon
Lost And Found Really quite moving 2021-06-13 Simon
The World of Kanako An astonishing glimpse into a disturbing world 2021-06-12 Simon
Snowpiercer Bong Joon-Ho's least subtle political allegory 2021-06-11 Simon
Perdita Durango Delicious black comedy with memorable characters 2021-06-10 Simon
The Magic Blade One of the best Gu Long adaptations 2021-06-07 Simon
Bells Of Death Simple but effective story of revenge 2021-06-06 Simon
Rurouni Kenshin A slick and fresh take on the martial arts genre 2021-06-06 Simon
Wonderful Paradise My kind of party 2021-06-05 Simon
My Blood And Bones in a Flowing Galaxy Sabu in dark mode 2021-06-04 Simon
The City of Violence Disappointing follow up to Arahan 2021-06-03 Simon
Big Bang Love: Juvenile A Enigmatic and thought provoking, but is it art? 2021-06-01 Simon
Mother No memories of murder 2021-05-31 Simon
Last Letter Another gem from Shunji Iwai 2021-05-30 Simon
One-Armed Boxer Silly but fun 2021-05-29 Simon
Bad Taste The bastards have landed 2021-05-28 Simon
Braindead A splatter masterpiece 2021-05-28 Simon
Human Lanterns A real masterpiece! 2021-05-24 Simon
Shaolin Drunkard More Yuen Clan antics 2021-05-23 Simon
Shaolin Vs Evil Dead: Ultimate Power Cheap and cheesy sequel/prequel that's fun to watch 2021-05-22 Simon
The Miracle Fighters A whirlwind of inventive action 2021-05-22 Simon
Laplace's Witch Competent but generic murder mystery 2021-05-20 Simon
Enter The Dragon Good entertainment 2021-05-20 Simon
Acción Mutante Wild and twisted genre mash-up 2021-05-19 Simon
Shin Godzilla Mostly awful but Godzilla is pretty awesome 2021-05-17 Simon
Shadow Whip Snowy whips 2021-05-17 Simon
The Host Quirky monster movie with added social commentary 2021-05-16 Simon
Red Post On Escher Street My face isn't a crowd 2021-05-15 Simon
Hanagatami If war is worth dying for, so is a festival 2021-05-14 Simon
As Tears Go By review... 2021-05-12 Simon

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