Movie Name Rating Summary Date Reviewer
The Brave Archer 5 Barebones adaptation of the Condor Heroes novels 2020-09-27 Simon
Fun Bar Karaoke 7 review... 2020-09-27 Simon
Road To High & Low 3 TV series condensed to incoherent 90 minute film 2020-09-26 Simon
High & Low: The Movie 4 review... 2020-09-26 Simon
Guilty of Romance 9 With women nothing is impossible 2020-09-22 Simon
Samurai III: Duel At Ganryu Island 7 Solid conclusion to the trilogy 2020-09-20 Simon
Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl 8 Trashy but demented fun 2020-09-19 Simon
Ghost Squad 5 Decent idea, shame about the execution 2020-09-18 Simon
Akira 10 A landmark in animation and sci-fi 2020-09-17 Simon
Why Don't You Play in Hell? 9 Sion Sono doing his best Takashi Miike impression 2020-09-14 Simon
6ixtynin9 9 Black comedy masterpiece 2020-09-06 Simon
Drunken Master II 10 One of the best martial arts films 2020-09-05 Simon
A Taxi Driver 10 Powerful 2020-09-05 Simon
Spooky, Spooky 5 Nothing special 2020-09-04 Simon
Dragon Gate Inn 8 Good but maybe not quite as good as its reputation 2020-09-02 Simon
Human, Space, Time and Human 1 Waste of space, time and human 2020-09-01 Simon
For Love's Sake 6 It's a Miike musical 2020-08-31 Simon
Shinjuku Swan II 5 No real reason for this film to exist 2020-08-29 Simon
Unagi 8 But why an eel? 2020-08-28 Simon
The Ghost Snatchers 5 Who you gonna call? Not these guys. 2020-08-28 Simon
The Prey 7 Tightly executed take on the human hunt 2020-08-25 Simon
Call of Heroes 7 Justice only exists if it is maintained 2020-08-24 Simon
Shinjuku Swan 8 It's about demand and supply 2020-08-23 Simon
Monday 9 Just one of those days 2020-08-22 Simon
Crab Goalkeeper 7 There must be something only a crab can do? 2020-08-22 Simon
Inflatable Sex Doll of the Wastelands 5 Pretentious nonsense 2020-08-22 Simon
Exodus 7 Quirky little black comedy 2020-08-20 Simon
The Butterfly Murders 7 Tsui Hark's first film 2020-08-17 Simon
The Forest of Love 8 Cinema is life, you know 2020-08-16 Simon
Helter Skelter 9 It's certainly convenient to be pretty 2020-08-15 Simon

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