Jakarta (2000)

Directed by
Clever 'heist gone wrong' movie
Reviewed by Simon on 2002-01-15

Clever Korean 'heist gone wrong' movie, based around the premise that 3 groups of people all decide to rob the same bank at the same time. Hence, chaos arises.

What's clever about the movie is that it is one of those 'self-revisionist' movies like Too Many Ways To Be No. 1 or Memento. The first half of the movie plays out straight, following the 3 groups from the start of the heist to the end. Then (quite without warning or indication, it must be said) it flashes back to some time before the start and plays through again... this time showing you all the things you didn't see the first time. This changes the meaning of certain key events, and hence your perception of the conclusion.

Good characters and performances, clever idea, nicely executed. Good stuff!