Born To Fight (2004)

Directed by
New levels of absurd action
Reviewed by Simon on 2005-10-12

A group of athletes travel to a village to promote sports and healthy living, but their charitable mission is disrupted when a group of terrorists take over the village and hold everybody hostage, whilst preparing to launch a missile attack on Bangkok. If only there was some way they could use their athletic skills to take on the terrorists.

The Action Director of Ong Bak takes action scenes to all new levels of absurdity. Over the top hardly begins to describe the film - some of the stunts were so insane (and cheesy) it actually brought a tear to my eye :D

Once it gets going the film is almost constant action, with a continuous escalation in the outrageousness and physical virtuosity of the performers and the brutality of the fight and stunt work. It's ridiculous, but it's amazing to watch!