Mifune (1999)

9/10 - Another great story from the Dogme 95 movement
Reviewed by Simon on 2004-10-13

I've really enjoyed all the movies I've seen from the Dogme movement, and MIFUNE is no exception. Stripped down of all the special effects and glitz and glamour that has subverted the movie business in Hollywood, the film makers who adhere to the Dogme principles are able to focus on those elements that really make a film worth watching and memorable - good characters, good acting, good dialogue, tight editing.

All it takes is a small cast and crew and minimal technology to add these things to a movie, and create a work of art that stands unique and challenging. So why is it that George Lucas with his billions of dollars and millions of special effects technicians can't manage to get these fundamental elements right? (To pick one recent prominent example of Hollywood squandering time, money and talent).

Thank goodness there are still places in the world where the cynical marketing dollar doesn't control all, and real movies can still be made!