Hard Revenge Milly (2008)

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7/10 - More Japanese ultra-violence
Reviewed by Simon on 2010-10-14

In a near-future, post-apocalyptic Japan, Tokyo has become a wind swept desert. Butchered and left for dead after witnessing the brutal murder of her husband and child, Milly (Miki Mizuno) awakes in a deserted hospital with a now partly mechanized body. Let the bloody vengeance spree begin! -- Distributor summary.

It's great to see somebody with a vision, determined to execute it well. The vision in HARD REVENGE MILLY is simple - make a cool, short action film with some hardcore gore effects. The budget is minimal, but the execution is spot on.

The UK DVD contains two films, the original HARD REVENGE MILLY and the sequel HARD REVENGE MILLY: BLOODY BATTLE. The first film is short, shot on location with a minimal cast and crew... virtually no storyline, just some cool characters, surprisingly well choreographed and filmed action scenes and some absurd, OTT gore. The second film clearly has more of a budget, and therefore runs much longer - more or less feature length. This does dilute the action & gore a little bit, but arguably makes for a better overall film - it has an actual plot, of sorts, for instance, and a bit more humour. Most importantly though, it does not disappoint on the violence & gore front.

A solid pair of films at a budget price, well worth a look.


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