Handsome Siblings (1992)

Directed by
One of the lesser new wave wu xia films
Reviewed by Simon on 2000-10-16

The plot for HANDSOME SIBLINGS makes almost no sense. Basically there is lots of intrigue and betrayal, and once again nobody can tell that Brigitte Lin is a woman. There are lots of creative poisonings and things exploding - that sort of stuff, y'know.

The film is reminiscent of others from the same era such as The Sword Of Many Loves, Kung Fu Cult Master, The Bride With White Hair and of course Swordsman II. Action scenes are very much in the Ching Siu-Tung style, with some fantastic outside wirework. It's one of the lesser works of the period which saw Hong Kong churning out films in this style every other week, but even a lesser new wave wu xia film is still pretty enjoyable if you like the style.