Parasite Doctor Suzune: Genesis (2011)

Directed by
Cosplay soft porn
Reviewed by Simon on 2013-05-26

Suzune is a vet, but when she discovers a strain of parasitic creature is infecting people in her city and exterting control over them via a libido meltdown, she begins to investigate. Could there be a connection with the identical parasite that her father was researching before his disappearance?

It's pretty obvious from the Cosplay costuming and cleavage on the poster that PARASITE DOCTOR SUZUNE is basically soft porn in a Hentai coating, which is a pretty odd combination really. The nastiness of the material seems incongruous with the pretty tame sexual content... little more than T&A is shown. Considering the context, I have to wonder why they didn't go further and just make some proper pornography out of it. It's not like the film is going to win accolades for its writing or acting - though production values are fairly high.

I suppose there is a market for this sort of material, though I'm not quite sure what it is. Too tame to gain 'twisted classic' status like a Noboru Iguchi or Yoshihiro Nishimura film, but surely too bizarre to appeal to any other market sector?


Harmless enough though, I suppose.