Doomsday (2008)

Directed by
Very uneven but has some fun moments
Reviewed by Simon on 2021-09-19

DOOMSDAY starts off inauspiciously, with a script that is both corny and juvenile and a lot of cliched imagery. The crack team of soldiers sent into post-apocalyptic Scotland all look like they've stepped off a catwalk where they were modelling a budget Verhoeven line and onto the set of a Mad Max sequel.

There's a specific point where something changes though, at the post-apocalypse Cirque Du Soleil it crosses a line from cliché to parody, and "juvenile" converts into a child-like glee at having been given a moderate budget to indulge in all this B-movie cosplay and butcher's shop gore.

Once the film finally reveals its hand and shows that it isn't taking itself at all seriously it becomes a lot of fun, and the more it leans into the ridiculous and bombastic the more entertaining it is.

It's a shame that it's saddled with some of the worst fight scenes in living memory - the editing and camera work should be taught in schools as an example of how to destroy what was probably pretty good choreography in post-production. The over-enthusiastic soundtrack deserves a lesson to itself too (not, I repeat, NOT including a perfect use of Frankie Goes To Hollywood).

DOOMSDAY ends up being a very uneven film, with bits that are frankly awful and bits that are borderline amazing - whether that adds up to a good time will depend on what you're looking for.