Pursuit of a Killer (1985)

Directed by
Prototype Cat III nasty
Reviewed by Simon on 2022-01-23

A gang of mainlanders cross over to Hong Kong seeking a better life, but the only work they can get is as Triad thugs and eventually land in prison. When they're released 5 years later a mysterious black gloved killer starts picking them off.

Apparently a T.F. Mou project that was abandoned when he left Shaw Brothers, then picked up and finished by Taylor Wong. Sleazy, trashy violent fun that is kind of a prototype for the CAT III films of the 90's with some fairly decent action scenes thrown in.

It's weird seeing Jason Pai Piao in a modern day film, and weirder still when his hair flips between straight and permed depending when the scene was filmed.

A final fight set on the run down sound stage of an abandoned movie studio pretty neatly tells the story of where this film lies in the Shaw Brothers history.