Hi, Dharma 2 - Showdown In Seoul (2005)

Directed by
vapid and tired
Reviewed by Simon on 2012-05-25

HI DHARMA was a lightweight but enjoyable entry in the "Gangster(s) out of water" subgenre that fuelled Korean cinema for a while a couple of years ago. The sequel is a reversal, taking three of the monks from the original and transplanting them from the remote mountain temple to busy Seoul, where they have to save a temple from some gangster-cum-property-developers.

SHOWDOWN IN SEOUL is even more lightweight, and unfortunately not nearly as enjoyable. Some nice cinematography in places cannot rescue a vapid script with tired attempts at humour. Only a few jokes come close to producing amusement, and there is zero genuine emotional content. I only made it to the end with liberal use of the fast-forward button.