Spider Forest (2004)

Directed by
Some interesting ideas but not worth watching the film for
Reviewed by Simon on 2012-05-25

A man and a woman are murdered in a house in a forest where there are a lot of spiders. The woman's lover finds the bodies, and chases a man from the house, but gets knocked out... then run over by a car. He survives and tells the police how he came to be there, and in flashback we learn (some of) the characters' pasts. Then things get weird.

Described as an "experimental thriller", which is a technical term meaning "about as thrilling as a dead duck with no real conclusion, but a young lady takes her clothes off once or twice". Since you can get the non-boring bits of that by watching 2 minutes of porn rather than 2 hours of this, I say do that and then get on with your life. There are some interesting ideas in the "weird" part, but I can't say they're worth watching the film for either.

I must admit that it's one of those films that I find myself liking more in memory than I did when I was watching it though. The basic idea behind the film is definitely interesting, but by the time it became apparent that's where it was all leading, I'd really lost interest - actually started playing guitar & checking my emails to help pass the time until it finished.

Maybe on a second watch I'd enjoy it more... but there's too many unwatched films and films I did enjoy the first time for me to be likely to give it another chance.