Land Of The Dead (2005)

Everyone involved in the film should be bitten by zombies.
Reviewed by Simon on 2005-05-25

SHAUN OF THE DEAD had a nice little message buried in it - that if everyone turned into zombies overnight, the world wouldn't actually look much different. The fact that LAND OF THE DEAD is being described as "intelligent" or "deep" shows that the populace of the world (or at least IMDb) have definitely succumbed to brain rot in some form. The fact that this passes as a "good movie" proves that the walking dead have at least taken over Hollywood (I have to assume that people who like this film have no other reference points).

LAND OF THE DEAD is typical 21st century Hollywood really - a script that appears to have been vomited out by somebody whose diet is rather too rich in cliché (and low in logic), with a vacuous message rammed home so hard that even the decapitated corpses in the cinema will be in no doubt what the film wants to say (which is virtually nothing). Hackneyed one-liners pass for character development now, and "great acting" largely means coming up with a weird accent or mannerism to define your character.

The one thing the film has going for it is the gore - I watched the unrated DVD, and yes... that's a lot of gore, and the makeup/fx department should be commented. Everyone else involved in the film should be bitten by zombies.