Enter the Fat Dragon (2020)

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A sweet, fun film with a big heart and excellent fight scenes.
Reviewed by Simon on 2022-08-13

The film is basically nothing to do with the Enter The Fat Dragon (1978), other than showing Bruce Lee some love. Donnie Yen doesn't even start the film fat, he only gains weight after being relegated to a desk job for showing too much enthusiasm as a beat cop.

You might be expecting the rest of the film to be about him getting back in shape and regaining his confidence, but in fact the film largely ignores his weight - the message ultimately being that size doesn't matter, it's character that counts.

The fight choreography is top tier, the fight that flows through and over the beautiful Tokyo street set in particular makes the film feel more like a classic Golden Harvest action comedy than anything else I can think of in recent years. It would have been nice if the film had paid more direct tribute to Sammo Hung for his role in creating that style.

Can't believe how good Theresa Mo looks these days! Or how weird Wong Jing looks with curly hair...