Kid From Tibet (1992)

Directed by
Had me worried at first
Reviewed by Simon on 2001-05-27

THE KID FROM TIBET - Yuen Biao's only directorial effort. Very reminiscent of THE ICEMAN COMETH, but not as good. Biao stars as a tibetan monk who has acquired supernatural powers through his training, who goes to Hong Kong to recover an ancient Tibetan artefact. His contact is Michelle Reis, looking lovely. They argue and bicker and have endless comedic confusions... oh gosh, I wonder if they'll fall in love with each other. I was put off at first by what I took to be Yuen Biao's beliefs as to the virtues of buddhism... basically that it allows the monks to perform parlour trick style magic tricks. Eventually it clicked that it was just a fantasy film, and he wasn't trying to push this as a serious belief, and I began to enjoy the film more. Most of the film is comedic romance, which is a little bit crude and predictable. Theres not a lot of action, but when Biao faces off with Yuen Wah the result is as usual most enjoyable.

Overall, not a great film, but OK.