Ambush (1973)

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8/10 - Solid entertainment
Reviewed by Simon on 2006-07-30

A security bureau is robbed on a mission, and the head of the bureau becomes the prime suspect. His son sets out to clear his father's name, but quickly becomes a suspect himself. Was his father really guilty? If not, who is framing them? What does the Cold-faced swordsman Hong Lieh have to do with it all? None of these questions will trouble you during the course of the film because it tells you most of the answers right at the start, and it's a pretty generic story anyway. Still, it's told with enthusiasm at the very least, and is generally a solid film with high production values and some exciting action scenes.

Chao Hsiung is a pretty good lead actor - I'm surprised he (apparently) spent most of his career in supporting roles and bit parts. Li Ching doesn't do too much to deserve lead billing, but sexy Kong Ling makes a strong impression - or her body double does :-p

Basically a well shot, good fun, tale of martial chivalry (and its opposite) with plenty of imaginative bloodshed. Perhaps not a profound film, but definitely solid entertainment (as these films generally are).


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