The Hidden Power Of Dragon Sabre (1983)

Directed by
Chor Yuen "going through the motions"
Reviewed by Simon on 2006-02-22
All the special effects, fireworks and explosions in the world can't compensate for lazy scripting and direction (though a bit more Cherie Chung might have :p) - Chor Yuen definitely seems to have been "going through the motions" by 1984, and HPoDS is a lacklustre wu xia despite the gorgeous sets and the deployment of a full fireworks factory. Even the fights are boring, though there are some imaginative ideas in the representation of the supernatural skills the fighters possess (having learned even _more_ powerful techniques than in the original HSaDS films). Without more attention to creating drama, intrigue or even vague interest in what happens, it's all ultimately for naught though.


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