Drive (1997)

Directed by
A joy to watch
Reviewed by Simon on 2022-11-12

Drive is still every bit as good as I remembered, maybe even better - a film full of charm, where you can see everyone poured heart and soul into the project. Mark Dacascos is on fire, his moves are so tight here I could really believe he had a cyborg turbo drive fitted.

Had any American film ever featured fights as well choreographed and filmed as this in 1997? I can't think of any. The team out-Jackie Mr. Chan himself with the creative staging and jaw dropping-athleticism.

The film's real MVP though is Brittany Murphy, who goes all in on an absolutely unhinged performance that temporarily leaves our heroes dragged along, nonplussed and upstaged, by her manic energy.

Such a shame the studio didn't appreciate what they had and unceremoniously butchered and dumped it - thank the lord HKL rescued it from obscurity, and thank 88 Films for bringing it back in HD.