Beauty Investigator (1993)

Directed by
Reviewed by Simon on 2002-12-01

Low budget dumb & cheesy action movie from the girls with guns stable. It's a shame that Moon Lee & Yukari Oshima arrived just a little too late for that particular genre, and were consigned to these crappy productions. Both deserved better careers. Yukari steals the show here IMO, even though she has much less screen time than Moon.

Beauty Investigator features a plot of some description, but I think it's best to just fast forward to the action scenes, which are pretty good. Nothing particularly wild or new, but decent action scenes are becoming such a rare commodity these days that I'm learning to treasure whatever I can get from Hong Kong's past.

Oh, yes... the CAT III rating is for a completely gratuitous and mostly unpleasant nude shower scene from Sophia Crawford. That girl seems alarmingly fond of getting naked on camera!