Bullet & Brain (2007)

Directed by
Cheap & Cheerful
Reviewed by Simon on 2008-02-18

A Triad leader is betrayed and murdered by his own man, leaving his daughter with the combination to the Swiss bank account where all his money is kept - thus ensuring her danger. He also leaves her with the means to contact a renowned assassin & trickster duo known as "Bullet & Brain", thus ensuring her safety. A rookie cop is also assigned to protect her, somewhat inexplicably, thus ensuring her romantic interests are served.

Evidently this was a story/script that Wong Jing didn't think was good enough to film himself - which surely tells you something :-p Actually it's not that bad - the story is moderately interesting, a least in some of the ways it develops. It's quite silly - intentionally so at least some of the time - though far from the absurdity of many of Wong Jing's comedies.

There's a little bit of action, but it's really bad, unfortunately (sorry Mars!) - budget restrictions seem to be responsible, since most of the shootouts are handled by shaking/zooming the camera whilst setting off a few squibs - though there are a few pieces of CGI that must have cost at least a few $ (though it is also bad, so maybe not too many).

I'd guess it was a quick, low-budget production that put bread on the more well known cast members' tables for a few weeks and gave the director and lesser known faces a bit of experience and exposure. It's moderately entertaining within these constraints.