In The Line Of Duty III (1988)

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Basic but competently delivered
Reviewed by Simon on 2023-05-23

The first film of the In The Line Of Duty series to actually be released as such, with Royal Warriors and Yes, Madam! retconned into a series to imply that Cynthia Khan was stepping into the shoes of Cynthia Rothrock and Michelle Khan (aka Yeoh). See what they did there?

The film does carry over several themes from Royal Warriors - a hot-headed Japanese cop in Hong Kong, mourning a partner, ruthless criminals on a quest for vengeance, characters called Michael Wong... though in this case the character is played by Melvin Wong, not Michael.

IN THE LINE OF DUTY 3 suffers from being sandwiched between two stone cold classics, and Cynthia doesn't have Michelle Yeoh's charisma or physicality, but it's a serviceable piece of 80's cop action with a gorgeous Michiko Nishiwaki steaming things up on Team Bad Guy.

It's basic, not too memorable, but competently delivered.

In The Line Of Duty 3