Dragon Tiger Gate (2006)

Directed by
Good fun and great eye candy
Reviewed by Simon on 2010-10-26

Donnie Yen and Wilson Yip take on the comic book martial arts genre, one which has been sadly underexplored in Hong Kong in my opinion. The inspiration is an apparently not particularly popular comic series, and the plot is certainly nothing to get excited by so it's not clear why this was the chosen source material. The world the film is set in is interesting stylistically, though, with some very impressive sets that are well captured by the high budget production.

The story is mostly forgetable, and would have benefited from the excision of Shawn Yu's character Turbo. The film does deliver on eye candy though, and features some pretty cool action scenes - nice to see Donnie Yen exploring a more fanciful style of action, with lots of wires and CGI. The result is quite unique, and often very impressive.