Easy Money (1987)

Directed by
For richer or for poorer...
Reviewed by Simon on 2023-06-18

Apparently this is an unofficial remake of THE THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR... I only know this because George Lam explains what's going on to Kent Cheng by pointing out that it's basically the plot of THE THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR.

Michelle Yeoh oozes an easy confidence as the adrenaline junkie billionaire who orchestrates a heist just for the thrill of it. George Lam oozes Lamness, which is certainly a form of charm, as the insurance investigator on her tail, and Kent Cheng is secretly the best thing in the film.

There is a distinct shortage of action compared to Michelle Yeoh's other early hits like Yes, Madam! and Royal Warriors, an absurdly undercranked car chase through the streets of Paris doesn't exactly show off her limber grace, and whilst she is clearly at home skiing in the alps or riding a horse in the English countryside, neither activity requires her to kick anybody in the face.

It's not a bad time, but if this had ended up being the last Michelle Yeoh film the world would certainly have been left poorer.