Abracadabra (1986)

Directed by
Not very good
Reviewed by Simon on 2002-04-23

Story of the supernatural where Charine Chan and Ann Bridgewater open a boutique, but foolishly install a mirror that is a gateway to the spirit world. Sadly, the movie spends far more time on the highly unfunny flirtations between the girls and the boys running a hairdresser's salon in the otherwise empty shopping mall.

Ann is kinda sweet, but her role is secondary to chubby Charine, and she doesn't get to fight once. There are a few nice ideas here and there, but mostly it seems that they didn't really know how to make a movie out of the concept, so they padded it out with largely uninspired situational comedy.

A shame, as the opening sequence where a bunch of ninja monks battle a construction site of the undead is really cool. Sadly, after the opening credits roll these guys are never to be seen again.