The Long Chase (1971)

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Very enjoyable
Reviewed by Simon on 2023-07-30

Yueh Hua assassinates a government minister, and chief of security Lo Lieh is given five days to bring him in or face execution for failing to protect his ward.

I swear Shaw Brothers picked names out of a hat for some of their films, the chase in THE LONG CHASE lasts all of ten minutes, Lo Lieh catches up with Yueh Hua at the next town and they spend most of the film hanging out together there. The catch is that he has to find proof that Yueh Hua is the assassin he is looking for.

This is all for the best, really, Yueh Hua and Lo Lieh are two of my favourite actors and their interplay in the film is a delight.

It's a rather good film all round - the story is strong and the action is impressively dynamic and pleasingly bloodthirsty. Weird that nobody seems to know it exists!