Enter The Fat Dragon (1978)

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9/10 - Sammo does Bruce justice
Reviewed by Simon on 2002-01-11

I've always thought that the best way to show your respect of a friend who dies is to parody them in a movie, and it seems that Sammo agrees with me. Actually, to be fair, the movie is really making fun of Sammo's character, a country boy obsessed with Bruce Lee who goes to HK to find work, more than it makes fun of Bruce for the various mannerisms and noises that Sammo emulates.

The story bares no relation to Enter The Dragon, whatever the DVD blurb (Netflix) would have you believe. It has a little bit in common with Way Of The Dragon, but so did half the other movies from HK at the time It's quite an amusing movie, with Sammo playing his character very well. It does feel like more of a homage to Lee than a parody, and it's great seeing Sammo in such limber form. The fights are very well choreographed and filmed, especially when Sammo faces off against Leung Kar-Yan.

The Crash Cinema DVD is a decent presentation, all things considered. It's widescreen at about 2:1 aspect ratio, in Cantonese with the original theatrical subs. The subs are readable most of the time, except for a few sections where they disappear completely. The print used was very badly scratched in places, and the colour bleed on red areas suggests that there's been at least one VHS in its family tree. It's quite amusing that a spec like this constitutes a 'good presentation' for a HK movie of that age, LOL



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