Finger Of Doom (1972)

Directed by
Ahead of its time
Reviewed by Simon on 2022-02-06

A woman who travels in a coffin carried by 4 undead bodyguards, with a hunchback henchman, seeking to dominate the Jiang Hu with her Finger Of Doom? Don't mind if I do!

FINGER OF DOOM was ahead of its time in many ways, a clear influence on Chu Yuan's late 70's wuxia, with some highly imaginative camera work and editing from director and cinematographer Pao Hsueh-Li.

We have the usual mad-person seeking to dominate the martial world with her kung fu/poison/mind control combo, her sister who's out to stop her and a trio of kung fu brothers that want to retire from the Jiang Hu but get caught up in the plot.

The notes on the dvd suggest this film was made in 1971, and was the first film as director by Pao Hsueh-Li (who had served as cinematographer and co-directed with Chang Cheh previously). HKMDB reckons it's a 1972 film and not his first - not sure who's right.

Either way it is really quite terrific, with a story that remains focussed, great art direction and fantastic action featuring uncommonly kinetic camera work for the time.

I'm adding half a star to my old review and moving it up to 28th place on