Dreaming the Reality (1991)

Directed by
Much as you'd expect
Reviewed by Simon on 2023-09-28

Things you should not get attached to when watching Dreaming The Reality:

- Cute fluffy bunnies
- Buses full of schoolchildren
- Good guys
- Bad guys
- Narrative depth

Tony Liu ruthlessly sacrifices them all as Moon Lee goes from trained killer to amnesiac love interest to avenging angel in a series of over the top action scenes and tonal backflips. Sibelle Hu is great (I wonder how many times I've written those words?) and has by far the most fun with her character. whilst Yukari Oshima gets short-changed (another common refrain) but kicks ass when given the chance.

It's pretty bare bones and offers nothing revolutionary, but it basically delivers what you'd expect from those involved.