Super Lady Cop (1992)

Directed by
Stupid film with amazing action
Reviewed by Simon on 2023-11-05

A secret mainland program to enhance human performance with acupuncture results in enhanced cop Cynthia Khan chasing a group of enhanced villains led by Yuen Wah to Hong Kong,

The very unenhanced cop Alex Man gets caught in the middle of things, as does Athena Chu (who needs no enhancement), and then everything gets stupid.

SUPER LADY COP is crude, dumb and kinda misogynist - even Wong Jing might have been a little embarrassed if he'd written this script. However, it doesn't appear to be aiming for anything higher than that, so I guess it's a success?

Hong Kong produced no shortage of films matching that description in the 80's and 90's, and most have been quite rightly forgotten. What makes SUPER LADY COP stand out from the pack is the action choreography, which leans heavily into the enhanced abilities of the fighters for some really spectacular moves. It reminds me of Future Cops and Black Panther Warriors in its approach, but predates both of them. It's just a shame there isn't more of it!

The in-between bits are not entirely devoid of entertainment, even if it is very low brow and results in Alex Man pulling a lot of stupid faces (side note, there is a real risk Alex Man will end up being my most watched actor this year... not intentionally, he just keeps turning up).

Note: to the best of my knowledge there is no relation with the film LADY SUPER COP from the same year!